Interview at Radio Iasi, 31.03.2019

Beatrice Anghelache is a Romanian artist living in Brussels. She studied painting at the Fine Arts University "George Enescu", Iasi, Romania, and also physics and chemistry at the Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi", Iasi, Romania.

Personal exhibitions

2018 EuropaNova Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium
2015 Arthis Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium
2010 CMU University Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA
2008 Galeria Cupola, Iasi, Romania
2006 Galeria Triconc, Iasi, Romania
2005 Institutul Cutural Roman, Berlin, Germany
2000 University Gallery, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
1998 Arte Gallery, Iasi, Romania

Group exhibtions

2019 "Carte de visite", Bruxelles, Belgium
2018 "Grafica romaneasca", Caminul Artei, Bucharest, Romania
2018 "Carte de visite", Bruxelles, Belgium
2017 “Portraits de femmes”, Arthis, Bruxelles, Belgium
2017 "Grafica romaneasca", Caminul Artei, Bucharest, Romania
2017 “Poduri Europene,” Romanian National Library, Bucharest
2017 “Artis UAP Annual”, Iasi, Romania
2017 “Poduri Europene”, Muzeul de Arta Constanta, Romania
2017 ";Carte de visite", Bruxelles, Belgium
2016 “Portraits de femmes”, Arthis gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium
2016 “Artis UAP Annual”, Iasi, Romania
2016 “East-West Dialogue”, Zinnema, Brussels, Belgium
2015 “Inima”, Anastasie Fatu Gallery, Iasi, Romania
2014 “Osmosis”, Galerie Vertige, Bruxelles, Belgium
2013 “Crucea”, Golia Tower Gallery, Iasi, Romania
2003 Christine Frechard Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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